Roni (Ro/ss and Rai/ni) is the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Raini Rodriguez. They seem to have a close relationship. They are very comfortable around each other.

For the in show pairing between Austin Moon  and Trish De la Rosa ,see Traustin.

Relationship Edit

Ross and Raini are both close friends of the Austin & Ally cast, they seem to have good and close relationship. They both are satisfied and settled with each other. They also laugh together sometimes and hang out.

Similaties Edit

  • They both have a Twitter account.
  • They both can sing very well.
  • Their first names both start with the letter "R".
  • Both of them have siblings who all have names starting with R.
  • Raini's brothers are named Rico, Ray, and Roy Jr.
  • Ross's siblings are Riker, Rocky, Ryland and Rydel.
  • They both work together on Austin & Ally (co-stars).
  • In the live chat, they shake their hands and they were laughing together (along with Laura and Calum).
  • They both have starred in a music video. Raini in "Living Your Dreams", and Ross in numerous Austin & Ally videos such as Double Take.
  • Ross and Raini always hug on a special event.
  • They both are real-life singers.
  • They're both actor/actress.


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