Mimi MoonEdit

Mimi Moon is Austin's mom. She and her husband, Mike Moon, own "Moon's Mattress Kingdom" and calls her son, Austin, "Little Prince". She is portrayed by Jill Benjamin.

Mike MoonEdit

Mike Moon is the father of Austin Moon and Mimi Moon's husband. He and his wife are the owners of Moon's Mattress Kingdom. Mike is portrayed by John Henson.


Kimmy is a minor character in Season 1. She is portrayed by Cassidy Ann Shaffer. Kimmy has blonde hair that she wears in two pigtails. She first appeared in Malls & Management along with Team Austin at school.


Cassidy is a talented singer who formerly worked at the Melody Diner. Austin Moon had a crush on her. Cassidy is portrayed by Aubrey Peeples. Cassady is a talented singer and she is in a band. She only has ever had time for work and her band and that's why she's so busy. She first appeared in Crushes & Cuties while Team Austin & Ally are visiting LA. Austin revealed that he still had feelings for her and wants to be together. Cassidy agrees but they later break up because she is going on a tour and leaves off to Las Vegas, leaving Austin behind.


Dallas was Ally's former crush. He is portrayed by Noah Centineo. He made his first appearance in Jealousy & Jelly Beans. Dallas is a really nice and kind guy. He says sorry when he couldn't dance with Ally, meaning he cares about people's feelings. In Jealousy & Jelly Beans, he comes to town to visit Ally but he also has a girlfriend named Madison. Ally later get jealous because she still likes him even though she is dating Elliot.


Elliot is close friends with Ally. When Elliot comes to town to visit Ally, they spend a lot of time together, making Austin jealous. He is portrayed by Cody Allen Christian. He is first introduced in Crushes & Cuties where he reunites with Ally as well as Team Austin. Ally still had a crush on him, but she is unsure if she like the boring him. So, she decided to give him a makeover, which changed his personality and look. Ally now likes the new him and wants to go out with him. Which he happily agrees. As Ally and the team goes back to Miami, he goes too to be with Ally. He has a minor appearance in Jealousy & Jelly Beans where he is Miami with Ally. But at the end, he reveals that he's going to New York with his family.Elliot is shown to be very polite and friendly. He feels guilty when he and Ally make plans to weave baskets together and Ally is supposed to be having a Girl's Day with Trish, he asks Trish if she wants to join them, but she declines. Elliot also seems to be very passionate about arts and crafts, to the point of even bringing a glue gun with him at all times. However, it is shown that he is not into music, which is a huge disappointment for Ally, as "music is life".


Trent is Trish's ex-boyfriend. He is portrayed by Trevor Jackson. He first appeared in Bad Reviews & Bad Fans as a blogger named ihateaustinmoon123. He writes a blog titled "Austin Moon Sucks" which he written horrible things about Austin. Later in the episode, his true identity is revealed. He then apologizes to Austin for acting so mean, and promises that he'll stop trying to make Austin miserable. Trent writes a blog which is an apology for everything at the end of the episode.

Kira StarrEdit

Kira Starr is a 17 year old actress and singer. She is portrayed by Kiersey Clemons. Her first appearance on the show is Kira & Kisses.

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