Laurum (Laur/a and Cal/um) is the real-life relationship pairing of Laura Marano and Calum Worthy. They seem to have a good relationship. Being co-workers, they seem to get along well. The two seem to be the most frequent pair of cast mates that get interviewed together. Calum compliments Laura nicely and they spend quite a lot of time together.

For the in-show pairing between Ally Dawson and Dez Wade, see Delly.


Laura and Calum seem to be good friends, since the entire cast of Austin & Ally is very close. They get along well, and are really nice to each other; giving each other compliments. Laura Marano and Calum Worthy went to Vancouver, Canada for the "Family Make Your Break" segment.

Other NamesEdit

  • Caura (Ca/lum and La/ura)
  • Cura (C/alum and La/ura)
  • Cala (Cal/um and Laur/a)
  • Cara (Ca/lum) and Lau/ra)
  • Lalum (La/ura and Ca/lum)
  • Laulum (Lau/ra and Ca/lum)
  • Lauralum (Laura and Ca/lum)
  • Laum (Lau/ra and Calu/m)
  • Calura (Cal/um and La/ura)
  • Calaura (Ca/lum and Laura)
  • Luma (Ca/lum and Laur/a)
  • Lumura (Ca/lum and La/ura)
  • Lumra (Ca/lum and Lau/ra)
  • Callaura (Cal/um and Laura)
  • Calumura (Calum and La/ura)
  • Caluma (Calu/m and Laur/a)
  • Marthy (Mar/ano and Wor/thy)
  • Maranthy (Maran/o and Wor/thy)
  • Malum (M\arano and C/alum)
  • Davrie (Dav/id and Ma/rie)


  • Calum has described Laura Marano as 'beautiful', as for the other cast members, Ross has called her 'dorky/adorakble' and Raini has called her 'sweet-heart'. Calum is the only one who her complimented her politely, which most would think that Ross would have. (See Raura)
  • On June 23rd, Calum tweeted that he was sad he missed the Tracks & Troubles premiere, but that he witnessed it live and Laura is a star! Laura commented, "AWWWWW, CALUM!"
  • They went together to the last R5 concert in LA.
  • Calum gave Laura his coat at the 2014 RDMA's because she was cold.
  • Calum has described as "Extremely smart.  She's smart on the show but she's even more gifted and smart in real life".


Laurum This user ships Laurum!

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