Good Luck Girl Meets Austin And Ally With Jessie Didn't Do It And Liv And Maddie With A Blog Undercover It Up
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date TBA
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Good Luck Girl Meets Austin And Ally With Jessie Didn't Do It And Liv And Maddie With A Blog Undercover It Up is the 12th episode of Season 1


Part 1-Jessie & Liv and Maddie & Mighty MedEdit

Trish booked Austin a gig in Los Angeles in two days. The news quickly spread across the internet. One of Austin's biggest fans, Emma Ross, heard the news and beggs Jessie to take her to the live performance. Emma then texts her friend, Joey, that she'll be at the performance. Joey then convinced his family that they should spend a vacation in Los Angeles together. So, the Rooneys booked their plane tickets and abroad the next available flight. While on the plane, they meet Kaz & Oliver and the Rooneys quickly be friends.

Part 2-I Didn't Do It and Lab RatsEdit

Meanwhile in Chicago, Lindy meets the Davenport family and she visits the academy.Logan came up with an idea upon seeing the news on the internet. The gang should go to Los Angeles to see the performance together.

Part 3-JESSIE and Girl Meets World Edit

While Emma is shopping for some new clothes, she stumbled upon Riley and Maya, the two best friends from Greenwich Village. Emma quickly makes friends with them and asks them if they want to go to LA together. Riley was unsure at first, wanting to talk to her dad about it first, but Maya made her agree.

Part 4-K.C Undercover and Dog With a Blog/EndingEdit

K.C. needs to go to Los Angeles to stop an evil spy, there she meets the Jennings family.

Cast Edit

Austin & Ally Spinoff CastEdit


Girl Meets World CastEdit


I Didn't Do It CastEdit

Liv and Maddie CastEdit

Dog With a Blog CastEdit

K.C. Undercover CastEdit

Songs FeaturedEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Crossover with
    • Good Luck Charlie
    • Girl Meets World
    • Austin & Ally
    • JESSIE
    • I Didn't Do It
    • Liv and Maddie
    • Dog With a Blog
    • KC Undercover
    • Shake it Up
  • All the show's main characters are featured in this episode.
  • Unlike this episode airing in between a 4 part Auslly speical it had no mention of Auslly nor the 2 previous episodes.

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