Girlfriends & Boyfriends
Interior. Ally's House
Trish: [enters] Ally? Are you ok?
Ally: I'm fine. Plus, I've gone through that before.
Trish: Are you sure? 'Cause you don't look very good.
Ally: I'm fine, really.
Trish: How are you doing with the whole breakup thing?
Ally: I'm a bit heartbroken, but I know that Elliot means well. I'm the one who told him to follow his dreams, right?
Trish: Yeah, but it's not easy to let someone go. You looks a little pale, should I tell your parents?
Ally: I told you, I'm fine, just tired.
Trish: Okay. But tell me if you need anything.
Ally: Thanks.
Interior. Sonic Boom
Interior. Mini's
Interior. Sonic Boom

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