Delly (De/z and A/lly) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dez Wade and Ally Dawson, and although they are shown not to hang out with each other much, they are still good friends.

For the real-life pairing between Calum Worthy and Laura Marano, see Laurum.

Other NamesEdit

  • Dezlly (Dez and A/lly)
  • Dally (D/ez and Ally)
  • Allez (All/y and D/ez)
  • Deally (De/z and Ally)
  • Allz (All/y and De/z)
  • Dezally (Dez and Ally)
  • Zally (De/z and Ally)
  • Alldez (All/y and Dez)
  • Dealzy (De/z, Al/ly, De/z, All/y)
  • Allysoz (Allys/on and De/z)
  • Dezallyson (Dez and Allyson)
  • Dallyson (D/ez and Allyson)
  • Dezon (Dez and Allys/on)
  • Dellyson (De/z and A/llyson)
  • Deon (De/z and Allys/on)
  • Dezmallyson (Dezm/ond and Allyson)
  • Alez (Al/ly and D/ez)
  • Dezllyson (Dez and A/llyson)
  • Dezon (Dez and Allys/on)
  • Dezy (Dez and All/y)
  • Aez (Ally and Dez)
  • Dezmyson (Dezm/ond and All/yson)
  • Mondally  (Dez/mond and Ally)
  • Allyz (Ally and De/z)
  • Monally (Dez/mond and Ally)
  • Allyez (Ally and D/ez)
  • Deallyz (De/z and Ally)
  • Wadeson (Wade/ and Daw/son)
  • Dawade (Daw/son and Wa/de)
  • Dawsade (Daws/on and W/ade)

Moments Edit

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