Bad Reviews & Bad Fans
Season 1, Episode 5
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Bad Reviews & Bad Fans is 5th episode of Season 1 episode of the Austin & Ally Spinoff.

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Trish enters Sonic Boom, with a worried expression on her face. Ally and Dez ask her what's wrong, and Trish tells them about a blog she found online, titled "Austin Moon Sucks." On that blog, a person, with the username of ihateaustinmoon123, writes horrible things about Austin. The three agree to keep this a secret from Austin, but unfortunately, Dez (who, as we all know, cannot keep a secret), immediately tells Austin about the blog as soon as he walks into Sonic Boom. This earns Dez a smack on the head, courtesy of Trish, and a glare from Ally. Austin demands to see the article, and after about five minutes of wrestling, he eventually takes the tablet from Trish and reads an article. Austin then becomes very upset. Ally, Trish, and Dez try to console him, by telling him that none of what the blogs said was true, and that he or she didn't know what real talent was. This does not cheer Austin up, as he thinks they are saying that stuff just because they're his friends. Then they all decide to find out who ihateaustinmoon123 is, and put a stop to the nasty blogs. The blogger, ihateaustinmoon123, turns out to be Trent, who is jealous of Austin's popularity and fame. Once Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez find that out, they make an attempt to confront Trent, which completely backfires. But eventually, Ally gets really angry and lashes out at Trent, telling him that writing bad blogs about Austin is useless, calling him a couple of names, and threatening to call the police on him. Trent feels bad afterward, so he apologizes to Austin for acting so mean, and promises that he'll stop trying to make Austin miserable. Though Austin is hesitant, he eventually accepts his apology, but he's not completely satisfied. The episode ends with Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez reading Trent's final blog, which is an apology for everything. Then, the blog is taken down.


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  • This is the first appearance of Trent in this series.
  • After 2 weeks this episode will go back to it's normal timeslot 8:30/7:30c.
  • This is the first time where Ally gets mad at someone.
  • This episode earned 3.1 million views on its premiere.
  • Trish works at a radio station but got fired for being agressive.
  • The title refers to the bad reviews and Trent.

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The transcript for Bad Reviews & Bad Fans may be viewed here.

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