Beginnings & BFFs

Austin was first introduced as the great singer who can't write songs. He then meets Ally Dawson and Trish De La Rosa. The next day they are at Marino High School talking. They then all realize that they could become Team Austin. After school, Trish began selling Austin merchandise and some of Ally's too. He alter performs a gig thanks to Trish. Austin (with Ally) both sang Better Together at the Helen Show as a start of their friendship. The video gets over 20,000,000 views and they officially become known as Team Austin.

Flyers & Fliers

Austin's family business, Moon's Mattress Kingdom, is running low on customers and if they don't get more business in, their store will be shut down. If the store gets shut down, his entire family has to move. Team Austin agrees to help them by making flyers, commercials, airplanes with a banner to promote the store. They then decided to put flyers and banners to put all over the mall. Their plan worked and Austin's family is staying. They later share a Team Austin hug.

Malls & Management

Austin is first seen in Life Skills class when their teacher is talking about jobs. His assignment was to get a job and report back. Austin chose the Pick A Card store for the assignment. He has a great time with his job at Pick A Card and enjoys handing cards out to customers. He did great at his job Pick A Card. Austin later ended up with an A.

Saturday Detention & Saturday Bunch

Austin and the rest of the team end up in Saturday detention, which the Vice Principal is in charge of for failed attempt at a food fight in the cafeteria. He later gets into a small argument with the Vice Principal, leaving him with three more Saturday detentions. They are told that they should not eat, sleep, or leave the library during the whole time period--unless they desperately have to use the restroom.

Bad Reviews & Bad Fans

When Austin walks into Sonic Boom, Dez spilled the secret that the rest of Team Austin had been hiding from him. Austin demands to see the article, and after about five minutes of wrestling, he eventually takes the tablet from Trish and reads an article. Austin then becomes very upset. Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez read Trent's final blog, which is an apology for everything. Then, the blog is taken down.

Plays & Performances

Austin rescues Ally from Trish almost immediately and they make it to the play on time. Austin has been Ally from backstage and nearly had a heart attack. Austin laughs and tells Ally that she is a true friend.

Christmas Songs & Christmas Parties

Austin is excited that he gets to write a Christmas song for Sonic Boom's Christmas party. The gang has to re-plan the party while Austin is struggling making a song.

Football Performances & Football Games

Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish gets invited to a football game where Austin will play and perform in the Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints game at New Orleans. Austin performs Better Than This. Austin has the ball and runs all the way to end zone making a touchdown for the Dolphins 6-0. Austin volunteers to replace him by playing the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since the Dolphins already have enough players.

Austin & Ally Meets American Idol

Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish are invited to Los Angeles California where Austin will perform on the 14th season finale of American Idol. They all fly to Los Angeles. Austin Moon takes the stage performing Can You Feel It.

Crushes & Cuties

Austin with the rest of the team decided to go to Los Angeles for a break. There he meets his long lost crush, Cassidy. Austin longs to be with her but he couldn't let Ally down. However, he asked Cassidy on a date and she agreed, becoming an official couple. When Ally got the idea to bring Elliot back with her Miami, he does the same to Cassidy. Cassidy rejected because she's going on a tour. Therefore, Austin is heartbroken.

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