Auslly (Aus/tin and A/lly) is the friendship and the official romantic relationship between Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. The two have been best friends for awhile and care a lot for each other.


Season 1Edit

Beginnings & BFFsEdit

  • Austin walks into Sonic Boom and meets Ally and Trish.
  • They both (along with Dez and Trish) arrive at Marino High School talking.
  • Trish got a gig for Austin and Ally to perform at.
  • They got a gig on The Helen Show.
  • Austin & Ally sing Better Together as a start of their friendship.
  • They became known as the Team Austin at the end.

Flyers & FliersEdit

  • They hang out at Mini's after school alone.
  • Team Austin hug at the end.

Christmas Songs & Christmas PartiesEdit

  • The sing a duet titled "I Love Christmas".
  • When Austin sang the line Or you might have to pucker up and kiss someone, he tried to kiss Ally.
  • They shared a kiss.

Football Performances & Football GamesEdit

  • Ally (along with Dez and Trish) compliments him on how nice he was by replacing Drew and how good he was doing.

Austin & Ally Meets American IdolEdit

  • Ally reassured him when he's nervous.
  • Austin & Ally hugged when Austin rocked his performance.

Crushes & CutiesEdit

  • Austin is reluctant about going out with Cassidy because he knew that Ally still likes him.
  • Ally is happy for Austin but a little disappointed.
  • Austin got jealous of Ally and Elliot.

Girlfriends & BoyfriendsEdit

  • They became an official couple with the help of Dez and Trish.
  • They kissed for a long time.
  • They were kind of making out.
  • Austin sang Timeless to Ally.
  • Ally got serenaded.
  • They shared their third kiss.
  • They both admit that they like eachother.
  • They both don't know how to tell one another that they have crushes on each other.
  • They shared a hug.
  • When they were hugging, Austin squeezed Ally really tightly.

Auslly ArcEdit

Girlfriends & BoyfriendsEdit

When Austin was dating another girl, her couldn't stop thinking about Ally. They really like each other but don't know how to tell one another. Trish and Dez wants Austin to sing Timeless to Ally to win over her heart. Ally got serenaded and the two shared a romantic kiss. At the end, they are officially a couple.



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