Beginnings & BFFs

Ally was first introduced as the talented and aspiring songwriter. She works at Sonic Boom with her dad, Lester. She then meets Austin Moon, a great singer who can't write songs. A moment later, Dez walks in and meets Ally too. She went to class realizing that they should become a team, Team Austin. Austin could be the singer, Ally could be writer & singer, Dez could be the director, and Trish could be the manager. She and Austin began working on their very first song. Austin & Ally prepare their new song for The Helen Show. Austin and Ally sing Better Together as a start of their friendship. Their video gets over 20,000,000 views and they officially become known as Team Austin.

Flyers & Fliers

Malls & Management

Saturday Detention & Saturday Bunch

Bad Reviews & Bad Fans

Plays & Performances

Christmas Songs & Christmas Parties

Football Performances & Football Games

Austin & Ally Meets American Idol

Crushes & Cuties

Jealousy & Jelly Beans

Good Luck Girl Meets Austin And Ally With Jessie Didn't Do It And Liv And Maddie With A Blog Undercover It Up

Girlfriends & Boyfriends

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