Ally's House
Ally's House


Ally Dawson
Lester Dawson
Penny Dawson


Miami, Florida

Number of rooms

9 (known)

Ally's House is where Ally Dawson lives in. It is located in Miami, Florida.


Lester and Penny Dawson first bought the house years before Ally was born. The house got redecorated when Ally came. Ally says it's a very modern and big house. Only Ally's bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen was showed so far. It is mentioned to have a numerous amount of bathrooms and closets.



  • Ally's bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Recording studio
  • Pool
  • Bathroom (Mentioned)
  • Ally's parent's room (Mentioned)
  • Attic (Mentioned)
  • Basement (Mentioned)



The image gallery for Ally's House may be viewed here.

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